​Listen!  Hear my words.  I come as a Sister in Truth....

That's how Phaedra introduced herself to me on September 11, 2012.​

I was sitting with eyes closed, pencil poised over a sketch pad, hoping to produce Spirit Art.  Instead, Phaedra controlled the pencil and slowly formed the letters of the above sentence.  When there was a pause in the movement, I opened my eyes to read what had been written.  Amazed, I closed them again and waited for the pencil to move again. 

The pencil has moved many times since then. In fact, there have been approximately 90 messages since, beginning with automatic writing (see Bits & Pieces page) and progressing to messages written in Scriptio Continua, a method of writing used by the classical Greeks and Romans.  It means that the words run together without punctuation or sentence breaks sometimes making it difficult to transcribe.


Click to hear Dorry singing

"Make Me A Channel".

What is Channeling?

The following definition was given to me during a session with Phaedra:


​"Channeling occurs when Spirit uses an attuned human being's abilities and talents to express itself in order to be of service to humankind.  All channeling is mediumship.  The Sensitive (person) is the vehicle used to transmit from Spirit.  Some of its forms are messages from loved ones who have passed on or from Guides and Teaching Masters, or through Energy Healing, Spirit Art, Automatic or Inspired Writing."

No doubt, Phaedra will make herself known on Blog posts from time to time.  In the meantime I am collating  and organizing her prior messages by theme and topic and will publish them in the future.


Though I refer to Phaedra in the singular, the messages are a collaborative work of entities I recognize by their individual color vibrations - purple, green, red and blue.