Dorry Rice Spiritual Medium

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l conduct private readings with international and domestic clients via Zoom. 

My sessions are 30 minutes long and the fee is $85 via PayPal to my email address at


I do evidential mediumship readings wherein I blend with a soul in the unseen world and the evidence is about the spirit communicator; psychic readings where I connect with a client’s soul and the information will be about the client.


Psychic readings may also include spiritual assessments to identify predominant soul qualities.

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Due to different time zones I will make every effort to accommodate a client outside the time periods listed below. To request a different appointment time, please email me.


When Dorry Rice connected with both my mother and father - each on a separate occasion - there was no question whose parents were present. On each occasion no one other than myself in a group of over a hundred possible recipients could understand the highly specific evidence. I felt seen, heard, and at long last, known and understood - in ways these words can only begin to approximate.

~ Jane Louise William, PhD., Virginia, USA

I had the honour of sharing a mediumship experience with Dorry. She was able to communicate with two of my loved ones. Her ability to understand their messages to me was heart-warming, and a truly spiritual experience!

~ Jana Lee Breton, R.N, Oncology.


NOTE: All Times in Eastern Time Zone (Toronto/New York)