Statement of Principles

1.  This is a spiritually oriented website that is based on the unity of consciousness connecting all life.

2.  Consciousness, which is energy, cannot be destroyed and is therefore eternal in nature.
3.  There are certain Universal Laws which describe the operation of our world.
4.  Direct personal experience is the ultimate answer to skepticism.
5.  Only the highest and best intentions will attract the highest and best results.
6.  Each person is responsible for the individual's thoughts and actions.

Useful Definitions

Automatic Writing:  When a writing instrument is controlled by an energy other than the person holding it, the writing produced is said to be automatic writing.  There is debate about calling it automatic writing when a medium hears the words clair-audiently, and/or senses the words clair-sentiently.

Inspirational Writing:  Occurs when a theme or an idea is communicated psychically and produces literature, poetry, lyrics, music, etc.

The "Clairs":  Clair is French for clear.  For each of our 5 outer senses there are corresponding inner, psychic senses.  In addition, we have an inner 6th sense which is Claircognizance, an inner knowing.

Clairvoyance:  Inner clear-seeing, either subjectively (within the mind of the medium) or objectively (outside the mind,  as in seeing spirit).  This is the most common of the "clairs".

Clairaudience:  Inner-sense hearing, which can occur subjectively or objectively.

Clairsentience:  The psychic phenomenon of inner clear-sensing or feeling.

Clairgustance:  Inner ability to experience taste.

Clairscentence:  An inner awareness of smell not from an outside source.


I prefer words that come naturally to me and reflect my culture and upbringing.  I use the names Spirit, God, Infinite Creator, Divine Source,  All That Is,  etc.  You may not be familiar or comfortable with those forms of address.  Perhaps it doesn't fit your religion, culture or philosophy of life.  In that case,  I'd suggest you substitute words such as Universe, Source, Infinite Power, etc. and/or anything else that is non-theist in nature if that is your philosophy.  I say prayer:  you may say you are putting your thoughts out to the universe, or the universal stream of consciousness.  Use what works for you and discard what doesn't.