In 2006, I was a middle-aged woman who went from total despair to complete awe in a a matter of seconds!

I had spent the previous year begging God, Spirit, the Universe, to tell me what to do with my purposeless life.  I'd sold the business I'd run for 13 years and my husband of over 20 years had passed away suddenly in early 2004.  My children were gone and I was now background in their lives.  I could see no future, no path laid out, no signposts to point me in any direction.  I felt bereft and abandoned.

But in the darkened crypt of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, Italy, -  God, Spirit, the Universe - gave me my answer in a loud and booming voice!  (See Blog post:  Fast Forward to Assisi.)


My first encounter with Spirit was at the age of 31 months.   A filmy shape appeared in my bedroom,  while in the front bedroom,  my 17 month-old sister lay in her coffin.  My grandparents shushed me and told me it was my imagination, but to this day, I vividly recall the scene.

At 11 when gazing in wonder at newly budding trees,  I experienced what I call ecstasy.   The shell of the world appeared to shatter and shivers of joy ran down my body.  An afterglow of well-being and love stayed with me for days though I didn't tell anyone the source of my happiness.  Experience taught me not to share these kinds of things.

As a young mother I started attending a Spiritualist church in Montreal, Canada,  and made friends with several of the mediums.  One of those was witness to my first long clairvoyant vision when I was undergoing an energy healing.  As it turned out, this vision was precognitive of scenes that would appear many years later  -  in Assisi, Italy.

Since that day in Assisi,  I have devoted my life to learning all  I could about spirituality, mediumship,  and psychic development.  I've studied with teachers from Florida, Lily Dale, NY, and the United Kingdom.   Each has contributed to my practice and fueled a need to share this knowledge with a wider audience.  It is my earnest desire to leave breadcrumbs on the Spiritual Path so that you may find your own way to growth, empowerment, happiness and peace.

Namaste (I salute the Spirit in You),

Disclaimer:  This site is designed for personal spiritual enrichment.  Use of this site is not recommended for persons who are emotionally unstable or psychologically unbalanced.

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